Constant Voltage Transformer, Ferroresonant Transformer, Isolation Transformer, Voltage Regulator, Mumbai, India

Constant Voltage Transformer : CVT

Constant Voltage Transformer
Constant Voltage Transformer : CVT
  • Stabilizer, Spike Suppressor, Line Filter, Isolation Transformer ALL IN ONE
  • Built-in Short Circuit & Overload Protection
  • No interruption at output for small duration line interruptions/Brown-outs.
  • Built-in Spike, Surge & RFI Suppression
  • No electrical noise, as no moving parts or semi-conductors are used.
  • 100 times faster than servo stabilizer.
  • Can work at very low voltages on partial load.
Input Voltage 170V - 270V (50Hz)
Output Voltage 220V/230V +/- 2%
Correction Time Less than 40 Milliseconds
Output wave form Sinewave, THD less than 5%
Efficiency Better than 80% at rated load
CMRR Noise Rejection 100 dB    
Total galvanic Isolation 3 kV
Energy storage 3 msecs.
Protection a.  Continuous output short circuit
b.  Over load (Output droop characteristic
  Standard Range :
Power output (VA)
Input Voltage
110,220,240,380,415 (any other on request)
Output Voltage
110,220,240,380,415 (any other on request)
Single phase upto 5 KVA & Three Phase upto 15 KVA available
DC output regulated ( Battery Charger/ Instrumentation supplies types) could be supplied.
Inverter grade CVTs can also be designed and supplied.
Transformer; Voltage Regulator-Isolator (CVT)
The heart of our Sigma Line Regulator-Isolator-Conditioner is the Ferro-Resonant Regulator Transformer. Special design techniques were employed to provide a truly isolated secondary winding, for isolated, dual function performance .

Many instances arise when it is desirable to incorporate a Voltage Regulation - Isolation transformer within an electronic product, rather than resorting to an accompanying stand-alone regulator. This may be desired for special application designs, such as a demonstration, display or a design prototype. Other instances may be for production runs, where it was found the Voltage Regulator/Isolation transformer enhanced performance, protected equipment and prolonged operational life.

Electronic Specialists now make their Ferro-Resonant Voltage Regulator-Isolation transformers available to permit designers, professional repair & Maintenance staff and serious experimenters the opportunity to incorporate advanced equipment protection. These are the identical transformers we use in our nationally sold SigmaLine ® Regulator-Isolator-Conditioners. You add any Suppression or Filtering networks your equipment requires.
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