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K Rated Isolation Transformers
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Controlled Power manufactures the widest range of power equipment for regulating, conditioning, isolating, purifying, and distributing incoming electrical power. State of the art technology is utilized in all products to optimize performance characteristics for various applications. This equipment is utilized in all products to optimize performance characteristics for various applications. This equipment is utilized to protect sensitive electronic systems from erratic operation and failure due to power line transients, noise, or factors due to high harmonic current caused by the load.
K-Factor transformers are available from a K-4 rating to a K-20 rating.

A K-4 Rated transformer is rated for 35% nonlinear load.

A K-7 Rated transformer is rated for 50% linear and 50% non-linear. The mix may be 50/50 at one point in time and change to 80/20 in the future.

A K-13 Rated transformer is rated for 75% nonlinear loading. This transformer would take care of most present and future needs. There is a higher initial cost, but the insurance that change may generate an unsafe situation may be worth it.

A K-20 Rated transformer is for installations that have an unusually high harmonic or nonlinear content. Here again there is a price premium for the additional insurance.
  Series ULTRA K
K-Rated Shielded Isolation Transformer
Computer Grade Transformers
The overall function of the ULTRA K Isolation Transformer is to deliver conditioned power to a nonlinear high-harmonic current load and operate at safe temperatures while minimizing the harmonic current delivered to the power grid. An additional function of the ULTRA K is to attenuate both common mode and transverse mode noise going to the load.

The product is offered with four different K-Factors (K-4, K-7, K-13 & K-20) standard. The K-Factor is a means of rating the transformer's ability to withstand the heating effects of harmonic and fundamental current flowing in the transformer. Utilization of the proper K-Factor is absolutely essential in every installation. If too low a K-Factor is used, it can result in failure, fire, overheating, and wave form distortion.
  Product Features :
The ULTRA K has many features to assure the user of reliable, trouble free, safe operation if the proper K-rating is utilized.

A Few of the many features are:
  • Multiple K-rating selection, K-4, K-7, K-13, K-20
  • Designed for linear and nonlinear loads
  • All Copper construction
  • Removes triplen harmonic currents from the line
  • High Efficiency
  • UL Listed for K-Factor Operation
  • Double or triple shield for high common mode noise attenuation
  • Transverse mode noise attenuation
  • Optional filter for additional high-frequency mode noise attenuation
  • Solves 88% of typical power disturbance problems
  • Heavy-duty cabinet construction
  • Optional lightning surge protection - CAT B3
  • Optional input/output breakers
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